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(External) Talks given by Lab Members

Dec. 2019

Nov. 2019

Oct. 2019

  • Seokbin Lee: “Grassmannian as Continuous Abstract Data Type with Computable Semantics”, WAAC 2019 (Oct.4, KAIST/Daejeon)
  • Donghyun Lim: “Solving the Game of Har-mo-ny by Heuristics”, WAAC 2019 (Oct.5, KAIST/Daejeon)
  • Svetlana Selivanova: “Complexity of Partial Differential Equations”, NII Shonan Meeting No 151 (Oct.10, National Institute of Informatics/Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Sep. 2019

  • Ivan Koswara: “Complexity of powering real large matrices and small polynomials”, MATTRIAD 2019 (Sep.9, Liblice, Czech Republic)
  • Sewon Park: “Axiomatic Reals in Type Theory for Program Extraction”, CCC2019 (Sep.4, Ljubljana, Slovenia)