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(External) Talks given by Lab Members

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Sep. 2020

  • Jiman Hwang: “Happy Birthday, iRRAM! Considerations for the Future of Exact Real Computation”, CCA 2020 (Sep.10, virtual, originally planned for Bologna, Italy)

Mar. 2020

Feb. 2020

Jan. 2020

Dec. 2019

Nov. 2019

Oct. 2019

  • Seokbin Lee: “Grassmannian as Continuous Abstract Data Type with Computable Semantics”, WAAC 2019 (Oct.4, KAIST/Daejeon)
  • Donghyun Lim: “Solving the Game of Har-mo-ny by Heuristics”, WAAC 2019 (Oct.5, KAIST/Daejeon)
  • Svetlana Selivanova: “Complexity of Partial Differential Equations”, NII Shonan Meeting No 151 (Oct.10, National Institute of Informatics/Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Sep. 2019

  • Ivan Koswara: “Complexity of powering real large matrices and small polynomials”, MATTRIAD 2019 (Sep.9, Liblice, Czech Republic)
  • Sewon Park: “Axiomatic Reals in Type Theory for Program Extraction”, CCC2019 (Sep.4, Ljubljana, Slovenia)